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What is Slack and why is it so good?

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What is Slack?

In essence, Slack is an online meeting room where company employees can communicate with each other. If you’ve heard of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Slack is very similar in functionality. Your company’s slack will be split into smaller channels for workgroups and online meetings. Such a channel can be named according to the topic of a meeting, meeting, etc.
Slack is often referred to as the “email killer,” but rather a way to more quickly and constructively resolve issues that cannot wait to be read. For what purposes do companies use Slack? Well, there is no definite answer or recommendations to this question. In principle, Slack is used in all situations when you need quick access to a certain group of people.
Slack makes it a thing of the past to collect meetings for every little matter. Moreover, thanks to a couple of special features, this application helps to increase the efficiency of teamwork.

How to use Slack : basic application settings

First of all, you need to register on the Slack’s website. After, assign an administrator with access to all account settings. Once signed in, there will be a couple of settings that you most likely want to change.
First of all, a ban on sending notifications. This setting determines who has the right to send notifications to groups. If the number of group members is large enough, then you may want to disable this feature so as not to create a lot of noise in the office.
Another very important setting is the management of working groups (channels) and private correspondence. If you do not want your employees to create groups on their own, then you should prohibit this opportunity.
Creating icons is one of the most fun features of the application, but if you do not want to turn the communication panel into a vinaigrette, then you should ban this opportunity for everyone except the administrator.
After putting all the settings in order, it’s time to send out invitations to colleagues. Here you can go in two ways: make a personalized mailing from your mailbox or general mailing through the admin. command account panel.
Key Slack Terms You Need to Know About.
Channel – is something like an online chat room for discussing a specific topic, task, the goal of which the team is working on. In order to send a message to a group (i.e. channel), you need to type @channel and then write your text. Such groups are often used for mass mailing to all employees.
In order to send a message to a specific person in a specific group, you need to enter @username with the recipient’s nickname. For example, you want to send a message to the user with the nickname peter, then you need to insert @peter in front of the message.
Same as @channel tag, but in this case the notification will be sent only to those who are online at the time of sending the message.
/ me
If you want to send a message in the third person, then this is exactly what you need. For example, you are leaving for lunch, and you enter the message “/ me going to lunch” and all recipients will receive the message as “Vanya / Peter is going to lunch.”
Direct, that is, personal correspondence between you and one of your colleagues.
Private channel
Same as channel, but by invitation only. It is very useful when, during a meeting, you quickly need to clarify a question from your subordinates.
/ open
Create a new group.
/ leave
Leave the group
/ collapse
Hide all images that were posted to the group.
View your contact list.
Another feature of the application that many do not know about is the ability to see a list of all company employees. This enables beginners, for example, to quickly remember who is who and to contact them.
You can see such a list through the menu in the upper right corner. The list contains all employees of the company with their position and contact details.
Configure application notification.
As soon as you sign up for Slack, you will start receiving all sorts of notifications, of which there are many, many. Fortunately, the app prompts you to decide which notifications and alerts you want to receive and which you don’t. Each group has individual notification settings: somewhere you can receive a notification about all new messages, and somewhere only those messages where your name, function in the company, etc. were mentioned.
To configure notifications, first open the group you want to make changes to, then click on the name at the top, and then from the drop-down list select the item – change notification settings.
Here you can set up both mobile and desktop alerts.
Search for a specific person or message.
Search organization is one of the best features of this app and you will love it. Everything that you write in the application is indexed and saved for fast playback.
As soon as you start typing a word in the search bar, Slack, like Google, starts offering you options that match your query: specific people, or messages in groups.
You can also use the dates of the intended message to search, for example, if you enter the word “yesterday” in the line, the result will be all messages sent on the day before the current date.
Create icons.

One of the most popular Slack features is adding new icons. In principle, all users can add icons, unless prohibited by the administrator.

Sending messages to Slack
Did you send a message with incorrect information? Everything can be fixed in Slack. Just hover the cursor over the message, click on it and in the pop-up window select the function – to fix it up. You can make changes even faster by pressing the up arrow on your laptop keyboard, so you can edit the last message sent.
Set up reminders.
You easily  you can use Slack to set reminders for yourself.
For example, if you need to remember to take things to the dry cleaner, you can write in the line for communicating with Slack Bot: / remind me to take things to the dry cleaner in 30 minutes and Slack will remind you when the time is right.
Perhaps in some of the groups in which you are a member people often ask the same questions? You can easily set up Slackbot to answer standard questions for you.
Attach document.
In case you want all members of the group to know about the document you are sending, you can attach this document directly to the information menu of the group (right below the title). In order to attach a document to a group, you just need to click on the document and in the pop-up menu on the right, select the function – “pin message.” Just don’t forget about this message later – as the document itself will not disappear.
Synchronization with other applications.

Slack’s secret weapon is that it integrates with many other applications you also use in your work: Google Calendar, GitHub, IFTTT, Mailchimp, and many others.
The principle of mixing applications may differ, but the basic idea is to save your team a lot of time working with each application individually. Google Calendar, for example, will send an alert for upcoming appointments and meetings to a specific Slack group.
Integration with the Mailchimp mail service is very convenient, which involves notifying all members of the group about sending the next mailing to clients and partners.
On the integration page, you can add as many apps as you like in just a few minutes. But be careful not to add many apps at once, or your group risks becoming a place for automatic notifications from various apps.
One of the top apps to integrate your Slack with –  Giphy is a bot that helps you quickly find the GIF you want by typing / giphy and the name of the file you are looking for in the message line.

What are the alternatives to Slack ?

Slack is certainly not the only program of its kind.
There are many alternative solutions, such as HipChat, Redbooth, Chatgrape and Flowdock, that may be more suitable for solving problems specifically for your team.

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