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KDG group offers its service online marketing management companies looking for a dedicated marketing team with experience with online channels.

We respond quickly and efficiently to market dynamics and work with you to strategize to increase profitability, scale and productivity for your business.

We recommend this service if you are looking for a creative approach that will allow you to get the most out of your marketing.

Areas of strategic application of the KDG group outsourcing team:

  • Determining the scope of the online channel implementation as part of the business strategy.
  • Business model and business scenario analysis for online channels
  • Data auditing, and setting up channels for receiving data
  • Definition of Digital Strategy and Marketing Plan and Implementation Plan
  • Optimization of channels, based on the provided data, which increases conversions / sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Determination of the methodology for applying corrective and optimization measures.


The innovative outsourcing service of the KDG group is aimed at various types of companies: small business (companies that are just starting their journey), medium businesses (companies that have already established themselves in the market and want to grow), StartUp, as well as all companies and types of business for which it is important respond in a timely manner to changes in the needs of their customers and market dynamics.


In many cases, small and medium-sized businesses, and especially StartUp-s, are limited in marketing resources, and often these resources are not monetary, but human. Moreover, it is very difficult for most companies to determine the real competencies of the employees they hire. Many risks are associated with this – both temporary and expert and financial.
The KDG group provides you with a professional team headed by a senior marketing consultant who is responsible for defining and implementing marketing strategies.
The senior consultant does not define the strategy and the tools for its implementation alone, he also has the support of a multidisciplinary team, which, according to the volume of services, consists of experts from various channels and the necessary actions to achieve the set goals.

The strategic team, development manager and senior consultants of the KDG group are responsible for identifying the client’s needs in order to determine the project team, scope of services and allocated hours that are required to implement strategic and operational tasks. They also identify the necessary support specialists who complement the strategy implementation and interact according to their area of ​​application, for example: WEB developers, MOBILE developers, graphic design team, as well as experts or consultants specializing in other channels, for specific moments of strategy implementation. …

Keys to Service Success marketing outsourcing KDG group.
Marketing outsourcing services of KDG group not only allow our clients to save resources and increase profitability, but also increase business efficiency by focusing on other areas of the company.

Marketing outsourcing is one of our main specializations and an area in which we can provide our Clients with high added value of our services.

It is also an opportunity to rely on a team of experts that adapts to the needs of each business in online channels and is focused on increasing competitiveness and ensuring success.

Our teams of specialists in various digital industries are implementing a unique methodology, and at KDG group we ensure that our clients see its effectiveness. Our involvement and experience guarantees maximum efficiency from the services provided and a specific strategy.

We offer an efficient internet marketing management outsourcing service for companies that is focused on achieving goals and a methodology that guarantees efficiency.

KDG group outsourcing service follows a methodology based on five main steps:

  • Analysis to identify needs. Defining a strategy
  • Planning strategy and action. Defining an implementation plan
  • Implementation. Team engagement | KDG group methodology
  • Monitoring. Monthly reports and regular follow-up meetings
  • Evolution and adaptation of the strategy in accordance with performance scenarios and goal achievement. Adjustments to goals

The KDG group stands out from other marketing and consulting agencies as we are experts in outsourcing the management and marketing of our Clients.

Our dedicated team is well versed in Online Marketing Channels and Success Models. This guarantees our Clients a clear definition of the project’s capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and that all work will be based on a fully feasible implementation roadmap that will ensure the highest goals are achieved.

We are truly capable of implementing the strategy, implementation and promotion of your products and / or services through Online channels. The innovative service and methodology, which are characterized by full participation in every project, makes us feel like one of the departments in our clients’ business. Our close communication and flexibility make our marketing outsourcing service the ideal partner for the development of our clients.
An agency with deep experience in online channels and outsourcing services
The marketing management outsourcing service at KDG group has an innovative structure that sets it apart from other marketing agencies. Thanks to the system of assigned monthly hours, the required profiles and capabilities in accordance with the requirements and scope of the project.
All this allows us to offer flexible outsourcing services that are fully tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients.
By defining a roadmap at the start of a project, hours are always adjusted to suit the situation and distributed among teams to maximize the efficiency and competitiveness of the best talent.
As part of our methodology for the provision of outsourcing services for marketing management, we have developed our own performance monitoring tools that are personalized for each client.

Outsourcing services KDG groups allow business owners, or senior management of our clients, to devote more resources and attention to other areas of the company. This makes the KDG group a strategic partner focused on delivering results for our clients.

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