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6 reasons why you need a content strategy.

KDG group - 14.09.2020 - 0 comments

If you are working on promoting a company on the Internet, you have probably asked yourself the question more than once: Why do I need a content strategy? This question worries many top managers who do not see the need to initially plan what and how to publish on the website, social networks or the company’s blog. The answer to the question why content strategy is important is actually very simple and sounds something like this:

because you don’t want your consumer to read what you post thoughtlessly. But there are even more weighty arguments on this score. And these arguments directly relate to 2 main target audiences of the business: the target consumer (which you have identified for yourself) and your company itself directly.

For each of these audiences, we present 3 arguments for the importance of a content strategy.

Why do you need a content strategy to communicate with the target consumer?

  1. You want to be consistent and tell consumers “a correct and well thought out story.
    If you are generating content, then it must be correct content in all respects. First of all, you need to understand how your story coincides with the consumer’s perception of your business and its values.  By telling the consumer the “wrong” stories, you create a contradictory, if not even negative, attitude towards the company. Having a good content strategy gives the business the “right” stories and allows you to follow the sequence of disclosing certain facts about the company, as well as not to lose the main idea that you put in communication with the client.
  2. You want to communicate with your target consumer at the most convenient time for this. Your potential consumer is not always ready to communicate and receive messages. Sometimes the wrong timing of the release of news and publications from the company can negate the entire effectiveness of the campaign. You must clearly understand whether your potential consumer is ready to hear the news about discounts, promotions, etc. right now. This means that perhaps at the moment the consumer is expecting other news from you, or perhaps not at all (for example, a newsletter at 5 am). A good content strategy allows you to plan the time of communication with a client and even set up an alert about the need to send a message at a specified time, using certain tools.
  3. You want to promote your potential customers through the sales funnel with maximum efficiency.
    If you have a well-built sales funnel, then you perfectly understand the importance of effective communication with the client, at each of its stages. From an unformed need to a formed one, and then making a purchase. A good content strategy assumes that for each stage of the sale you have generated content that will help the client to move to a new level of relationship with your product and the company as a whole.

Why does your business need a content strategy?

  1. You want to tell your story beautifully
    Every business should have its own story. Your story should evoke certain emotions in any of the target audiences of the business: customers, suppliers, employees. Determine their attitude towards you. A good content strategy will help you choose the right communication channels and messages for each of them. It will make communication logical, consistent, and will also help build loyalty to your business or product among all target groups.
  2. You want to make sure that the values ​​of the company are communicated correctly to all your employees
    Why are so many content strategies not working? Even before your marketer or copywriter messes up?  Because all conversations about company values ​​and key messages end in meeting rooms. If your employees do not fully understand what you want to say with your product, social projects, and so on, then most likely your messages are the same scattered. The right content strategy will help each employee of the company understand what exactly you are broadcasting to your consumer, what is your communication strategy and what is behind it.
  3. You want to be sure you do what you have to
    As you create or plan your content further, you can always check your original goals and draw conclusions about compliance. Or when it seems to you that you are missing something. Very often in business people forget about why they do certain things. Content strategy will always be a marker and a starting point for each of its components and answer the question: Is this within the original strategy and its goals?

In fact, there are many more reasons to have a good content strategy, but in this article we tried to describe the main ones.

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