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5 reasons SEO doesn’t work and how to fix them.

KDG group - 14.09.2020 - 0 comments

It’s no secret that SEO can be a very effective tool in the marketing mix of any company, but at the same time, its effectiveness directly depends on the literacy and conscientiousness of the specialists who implement the SEO strategy.

There must have been a moment in every person’s life when, looking at the work of a professional and with what ease he does his job, we thought that we could repeat the same without any problems. But starting, we understood what a gigantic amount of work and training is behind this ease.
SEO is no exception to this rule either. Without the skills of practice and knowledge, the company is guaranteed to fail and often very painful
In this article, we will provide 5 main facts why an SEO strategy does not work.

  1. Obsolete SEO Knowledge
    It often happens that even the most innovative companies work with SEO specialists who do not consider it necessary to follow the market’s new products and use only the theory of 10 years ago. SEO is a rapidly changing industry that does not stand still. And if the SEO strategy was implemented without taking into account the latest updates to the issuance mechanisms and the work of search robots, then at any time you may encounter problems. First of all, with the help of a high-quality SEO strategy that uses the most relevant promotion technologies, you can easily beat your competitors. Also, an important role is played by the fact that many promotion tools, which in our reality are considered classical, in fact, have long been blocked and are in every possible way supplanted by the search engines themselves. For example, the desire of many to promote their site in the shortest possible time can easily bring the site under the sanctions of search engines, since the methodology used in this has long been considered a scam.
    A good specialist will always be interested in the trends of his industry and use only those technologies that will bring companies to the top positions with a guarantee.
  2. Savings on SEO
    An effective SEO strategy is not cheap and it is sometimes difficult for companies to approve budgets for search engine promotion, if its goals are  are not clear. Even the largest companies, when they find out how resource-intensive (money, time) search engine optimization can be in order to achieve an optimal result, they prefer to save on some elements of promotion. And this is perhaps the surest way to fail.
    First of all, you need to understand that SEO optimization tools work in stages, and not all at the same time. If you want to consistently occupy certain positions in the search results, then you must constantly invest in your promotion. Reaching the TOP 5 is much easier than staying there. Moreover, your competitors will always step on your heels.
  3. Lack of patience
    Everyone knows the truth that winning one battle does not mean winning a war.
    A key requirement for an effective SEO strategy is constant analysis of what is happening and proactively responding to changes. Your budget should match the results you want to achieve, adjusted for competitor activity and changes in search algorithms.
    If you stop promoting your resource, then most likely after a while you will find that your competitors have bypassed you and ousted from the positions on which you have been working for so long. Only permanent promotion is monetized, otherwise you are wasting money. SEO strategy starts to work at full capacity on average in 5-6 months and you need to be patient.
  4. Lack of metrics
    Everything you do in search engine promotion should be measurable and someone on your team should be in charge of SEO analytics.
    When all attempts to promote a site in the SERP do not bring the desired result, you should notice this as early as possible and understand why this is happening.
    Without analytical data, it is impossible to set the correct KPi and start measuring progress. This is another reason why SEO doesn’t work.
    A clear roadmap, with tasks assigned to specific employees, can greatly increase your chances of SEO success.
  5. Lack of strategic vision
    Among other things, good SEO  the specialist must understand the strategic goals of the client’s business and develop a strategy that will work for the marketing and business goals of the company, as well as explain to the client how SEO can help achieve the goals of the business.
    Oddly enough, an SEO tool should be monetized. Generate more profit for your business. Attract more customers. Sell ​​more. And of course this is all by attracting traffic and site positions.
Final thoughts
A good SEO strategy is a laborious and costly process. It will always take time to get the result. That is why choosing a contractor is based on the principle “who do you trust?” You choose those who will not promise you a lightning-fast result, those who will be able to set KPIs and provide analytics on the project on a permanent basis, and of course will be able to demonstrate the final result.

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