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SMO: Free traffic with just two tools
You won’t surprise anyone with the term SMM. Today, a huge industry is working to attract more and more new customers using social networks. There are no fewer specialists in SEO today. In the case of SMO, everything is not so rosy and simple, because the optimization of social networks is considered to be nuances that you can work with last. Which is quite a mistake, as SMO plays the same role as SEO, working to drive traffic. What is SMO ?
SMO is about optimizing your business with social media. And it’s not just about Facebook or Instagram, in this case, “social networks” means any public mention of you on the network. For example, blogs, forums, articles in specialized media, mentions from public figures, and so on. Previously, SMO was considered to be part of SEO , since both of these areas have the same goal – to increase traffic, work on reputation, increase in coverage and sales growth. However, the more automated SEO became, the more SMO became a separate category.
If SEO is responsible for increasing search traffic, then SMO “targets” active users of social networks, using quality content as a promotion tool. The scheme is quite simple: a user finds attractive content on your site, makes a publication on his page on a social network, or links to you in a post on a forum, in an article for a blog, etc. You get organic reach and a potentially loyal audience, as potential buyers tend to trust recommendations more than ads.


Also SMO is the integration of your resource with social networks. Today there are already too few “social” buttons for successful website promotion on various platforms. We will talk about such opportunities below.

Overall, SMO is a great thing. If used correctly. How to use it correctly?



Basic SMO Tools
We can safely say that the entire success of an enterprise in working on SMO depends on two main factors – quality content and adaptability of the resource for users of social networks.

SMO - Social Media Optimization

Let’s start with the second tool. A developing business makes a common mistake – having created a website, the content and PR department also create pages on social networks and believe that work on social networks is limited to filling these pages. In fact, since Internet users spend much more time on social networks than just on websites, you need to make sure that they feel “at home” on your resource:

  • Ensure a comfortable design: Remember that quite often people view pages on mobile devices, so your design should be comfortable for both computer users and smartphone and tablet users;
  • Be sure to connect the possibility of registration through social networks: The less people spend time on painstaking actions, the more loyal they are to your resource. By allowing you to register on your site with just one button “Login with …”, you will increase the audience of registered users, and, consequently, potential customers;
  • Allow visitors to comment on your content via social media: This is almost the main point. Commenting is a form of engagement that can reach large audiences virally. Firstly, most social networks record this kind of activity of their users in their feeds. Secondly, this again removes the issue of long registration, mail confirmation, and so on;
  • And worth mentioning: Don’t forget to include cute clickable “social” buttons on every page of your site.


And, of course, content is about 80% of SMO success:

  • Content should be engaging and of high quality: There is no room for typos, factual errors, too general statements and standard approaches. The more original and creative your content is, the more users will want to share it;
  • Include calls to action in the text: “Share with your friends!”, “Did you recognize your friend? Send him a link! “,” Let the whole world know … “;
  • Watch for Trends: Hot content is snapped up like hot cakes in the cold season, so make sure that your content department doesn’t just fill your site with SEO texts, but that these texts are trending in their niche. < / li>

Major SMO errors
SMO is also commonly associated with SERM , reputation management. This is only partially true, as SMO still focuses on organic reach and immediate efficiency – driving traffic.spam-mail-icon-dribbble On the other hand, correct positioning of the business is also important for SMO. To this end, some managers use one of the SERM tools, simply conducting “shadow activity” and sharing a link to the resource on social networks, blogs and forums. And this is a serious mistake. SMO is an organic that doesn’t tolerate clumsy spam. This only leads to a loss of audience loyalty. The “bot factory” evokes rejection, not interest. Of course, you can maintain minimal activity in the same comments on the pages of your site, work with specialized forums, bloggers, and the like. But this should be done carefully and without fanaticism.
Another common mistake is trying to cover all possible social networks. You will not lose heart to put “social” buttons on a dozen social networks, but you should still determine where the most traffic is coming from and optimize for this audience as much as possible.
Either way, experiment! The future comes so fast, as if it is trying to win in a battle with the past – and every day the world is filled with new trendsetters who are not afraid of changes. Perhaps tomorrow it will be you.

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