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12 tools for creating chatbots.

KDG group - 14.09.2020 - 0 comments

These tools enable the marketer to keep up with the market and master new, more interactive and automated customer acquisition channels.
Today, marketers have more and more tools for communicating with the client, and every day they are becoming more automated and interactive.

One of the most popular such tools are chatbots on social networks, websites and all kinds of other applications.
In order for you to create and effectively manage chatbots, we present an overview of the world’s most popular tools that will help you better understand and master the principles of working with them. Since chatbots are a fairly new communication channel, many of the tools presented below have appeared in the last few months.
Suitable for working with Facebook.
Created in Pakistan, Botsify can be considered a major competitor to Chatfuel, one of the most popular chat tools today. According to Botsify, you can create your bot in 5 minutes, including posting schedule and analytics. The tool is free for an unlimited number of messages: billing starts from the moment this product is integrated with other platforms and services.
Suitable for working on Facebook and Telegram.
The basic tool for mastering work with bots today and the most popular. Programming skills are not required here, as well as in working with the previous tools. This tool can be easily integrated with other external services. Mainly focused on working with  Facebook Messenger, as well as Telegram. Compared to  Botsify, which claims it takes 5 minutes to build a bot, Chatfuel says it will take 7. The tool is free to use up to a certain level.
Suitable for working with  Facebook Messenger. And soon with Viber, iMessage, Slack, Telegram and Skype.
Chatsuite describes itself as “the chat marketing platform.” The tool is mainly for use by marketing agencies and publishers. Unlike the previous 2 tools, this one is not quite suitable for personal use, more corporate. The company conducts trainings and provides services for setting up the basic functionality of the platform.
Suitable for working with Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS and other platforms.
Converse also offers a graphical user interface, no programming skills required. Converse claims to differentiate itself from the competition by offering intelligent user interactions through survey feedback, customer support, and context validation and processing.
Flow XO
Suitable for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio SMS, and Telegram.
Also a bot creation tool that has a graphical interface. Flow XO is mainly used to work with marketing and sales applications. Chatbots built with Flow XO can collect data through feedback forms and polls or send notifications, besides, the platform is integrated with hundreds of applications and services. At the initial stage, using the program is free, in the future it depends on the required level of customer support, the number of created bots and the intensity of work with them.
Suitable for Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack, Twitter, Amazon Echo and SMS.
Israel-based Imperson offers a self-service enterprise platform – Users still do not need to program anything, but they must complete training from Imperson to start creating bots. ”
Suitable for working with Facebook Messenger, SMS, Slack, websites, email.
Kore is a bot builder aimed primarily at entrepreneurs and designed for the most complex bot building and use. ” This tool is suitable for both marketers and developers, and the company says that knowledge of coding is not required to use Kore. Kore can be used to create industry-specific bots: banking, retail, and 130 templates for creating bots can be found in the platform’s store. Basic functionality is free. The fee is charged depending on additional functions: data storage, analytics, etc.
Suitable for Amazon Echo, Slack, Line, WeChat, SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Skype.
This is a very good do-it-yourself tool from a Toronto company. –  Massively, the basic functionality is free, as an advantage is the fact that the tool allows you to work with large amounts of data. ” Bots based on this platform have been used in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Maze Runner advertising campaigns.
Motion AI
For: Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, web sites, email.
Another graphic designer for creating bots that offers a free test version. Their target audience of Motion AI is described as follows: If you can draw a graph, then you can create a bot. The platform has reusable modules that are aimed at improving customer service, for example, the ability to leave feedback on a product. It is also designed to integrate with a range of other platforms and services, and the company plans to open a bot store soon.
Suitable for working with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, SMS.
This less visual enterprise bot builder touts its analytics, integration with a backend platform like Zendesk, and the ability to deploy a single bot across multiple platforms, tailoring the communication to the UI of each platform. Currently, the company only works with select clients, the platform will be open to the general public from November.
Suitable for working with Facebook Messenger, Telegram.
This bot constructor was developed by a mobile developer, Kiwi, just like the company itself, a bot specializes in the entertainment and computer games industry. The platform offers templates for journalists or, for example, celebrities, as well as GameBot templates for developing interactive quizzes or computer games. Like other bot building platforms, this one offers the option to create a bot once and then only animate it.

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